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Our Stories

We love to hear about our service users’ personal recovery stories. Please take a moment to watch our latest service user stories.

What our service users say about some of Community Links’ services

”I just needed to speak to someone after my dad’s diagnosis of dementia and speaking to you has made me feel so much better, I just needed some reassurance that someone is there who understands my dad’s diagnosis and can show me the right direction and help access services.”
Kirklees Dementia Hub service user

”It was an extremely useful day and your enthusiastic, positive and realistic approach made me feel more optimistic.”
A carer who received support from aspire. 

”The session made me feel hopeful that my identity doesn’t always have to be defined by the things I struggle with but can be rebuilt. It’s also helpful to have a structured creative group as I like creative things but on my own neglect doing them.”
CONNECT service user

”The counselling service is really wonderful. The short wait was crucial to me engaging with them,
had I to wait a long time I would have probably lost the confidence to access the service and open
up. My counsellor specifically is a wonderful lady who I feel really cares and understands.”
Service user from York Families Wellbeing Service

”I know now that I can achieve more than I thought…I’ve applied for a new job since returning because I feel more capable.”
Service user who attended aspire’s Voyage to Recovery

”I find fishing relaxing. It is great for mental health and wellbeing for everyone.”
Leeds CFO Activity Hub service user