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CLEAR- Men's Talk

CLEAR- Men's Talk

CLEAR Huddersfield
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CLEAR Men’s Talk

Established in 2018, Men’s Talk is CLEAR’s creative advocacy project for men who have experienced mental health issues; using applied theatre and film making to enable the men to gain confidence, develop new skills and create original material; with the aim of reducing stigma, encouraging men to talk about their mental health and enabling change.

Men’s Talk Performance

Is a 35-minute performance created with and performed by men with lived experience of mental health issues.

Following a successful launch in March 2023 – the men have delivered over 20 performances to a wide range of audiences across the region. Venues have included theatres, universities, community venues, work-places and conferences.

“I’m learning something new and trying to get a message out to other men in our situation.”

“Being involved in Men’s Talk I feel that I have accomplished something. When people ask me what I’m doing I’ve got something to talk about. I tell people I’m part of this mental health group. That is forward facing – it gives me social worth, it gives me a sense of value and achievement.”

“This journey I’ve been on with Men’s Talk…it’s given me so much, so many wonderful moments and memories that I can take with me in to the future.”

Men’s Talk Premiere Film – https://youtu.be/STFP52YOzIQ

Men’s Talk meet each Tuesday from 10am until 1pm.

Men’s Talk Performances- Autumn 2024

Following their successful Spring Tour, Men’s Talk is now taking bookings for Autumn 2024.

The piece explores their experiences of living with mental health issues and their journeys towards recovery.

The play requires a performance space of 5m x 3m… and an audience.

The piece is suitable for conferences, training and community events.

An extract from the show can be found at: https://youtu.be/tFXkOGPGWMQ
(Content contains adult themes of suicide/self harm)

For more information, do not hesitate to get in touch.

Men’s Talk Digital (MT Digital) 

This is CLEAR’s film-making project for men who have experienced mental health issues.

MT Digital uses digital media to create short films that aim to reduce stigma and encourage debate around men’s mental health and to signpost other men to local mental health services.

As well as making their own films – MT Digital undertakes commissioned work – providing services to third sector organisations, local authorities and the wider Inspire North group.

Supported by Creative Frame CIC – MT Digital provides participants with training, equipment and support.

Commissions have included Kirklees Council, Leeds Mind and Calderdale NHS.

MT Digital meet each Thursday from 10am till 2pm.

Inspire North Filming – https://youtu.be/X9XSrcMMufY

Talking Bollocks

This is the latest project from CLEAR Men’s Talk.

Talking Bollocks is a new theatre project that will focus on men’s experiences of physical and mental health – exploring how one impacts the other, what help and support they have had and what they need.

The project is open to any man aged over 18 and living in Kirklees


Video Links and Further Information

Kirklees Council: INFocus Film : https://youtu.be/cLYQENJXbRk

West Yorkshire Health and Care Partnership/Leeds Mind Preventing Suicide:
“Communication, support and follow up:” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MLuLpDdg6HU

Kirklees Local Television – Men’s Talk testimonies: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=utDDIAHDlm0

St Anne’s: https://www.st-annes.org.uk/mens-talk-makes-an-impact-at-bevin-court/

Lawrence Batley Theatre: – https://www.thelbt.org/blog/men-s-talk-a-performance-by-men-with-lived-experience-of-mental-health-issues/