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Our Strategy

Our Strategic Plan is our 5 year organisational guide. The plan outlines our vision ‘A World of Wellbeing’ and sets out our key organisational themes and goals.

The 3 themes

The core themes, along with our vision, values and mission form the basis of our individual service plans and core development documents and feed into every aspect of what we do.


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Developments since our last plan

Infographic for the strategic plan

The Consultation Process

Logo of Your Say our FutureDevelopment of our 5 year plan began in 2017 with several planning and consultation sessions which came under our 2017 theme  ‘Your Say, Our Future’.

Employees and trustees were invited to attend roadshows in July 2017 which included creative exercises and brainstorming ideas around what our strengths were and what our future should/could look like.  What makes us special word cloud - employees


Services held consultations with their service users and volunteers to obtain feedback on key questions and provided feedback postcards within their services ; stakeholders and partners were sent an online survey to obtain their feedback.

Employees voted for their favourite vision and got the opportunity to comment on the main themes via an online survey.  The final plan was then approved by our Board of Trustees.

Take a look at the short video below which features our Chief Executive Ruth introducing the new strategy :

To download a pdf of our Strategic Plan click here

For more information about our vision and values click here