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Poplar House
St Marys Hospital
Green Hill Road

LS12 3QE

Beth Noel- Service Manager

For referral or support queries, other than for the Housing and Resettlement intervention, please call the Emerge Admin Team on: 0113 8557950.

About the Service

Emerge is part of the Community Links Specialist Trauma Informed Resettlement Services (STIRS).

Emerge are a Leeds city-wide multi-disciplinary service that offers care-coordination, psychology and group-work programmes to people that have experienced complex trauma and adverse life events that have led to emotional and interpersonal difficulties. Many of the clients have attracted diagnoses of personality disorder, however they will work with anyone who has developed ways of coping and surviving that result in harm and distress, recognising that many clients find the label of personality disorder stigmatising and distressing.

Community Links has a housing and resettlement caseworker resource embedded within Emerge, that supports the multi-disciplinary team to work with clients where their housing is impacting on their wellbeing and recovery. They work closely with the Accommodation Gateway  for clients admitted to the acute wards in Leeds, as well supporting clients in the community, to assess housing need and broker placements that will meet their needs.

The caseworker will work with a client prior and post settlement to reduce tenancy breakdown and increase the success of community integration. The caseworker can offer bespoke training to housing providers to support the understanding of a client’s formulation and how to work in a trauma-informed manner to ensure the success of the placement for the client.

Referral Process:

For more information on the Emerge service, and their referral pathways, please use the link below:

Leeds and York Partnership NHS Foundation Trust -EMERGE Leeds: Complex Emotional Needs Service (leedsandyorkpft.nhs.uk)