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Alexander House

Alexander House

Alexander House
272 Wetherby Road
West Yorkshire

LS17 8NE

0113 218 8095 or 07923257043.


About the service

Alexander House is one of Community Links’ three Intermediate Support Hostels providing recovery-focused support in a therapeutic environment.

Alexander House offers Level 1 support. This includes mental health and independent living rehab support and is staffed 24/7.

We provide six accommodation-based resettlement placements offering intensive rehabilitation for up to eight months. These are primarily aimed at individuals coming out of hospital following an admission due to mental health issues and aim to promote and maximise recovery, helping clients to move on to live more independently.

We no longer provide accommodation based Relapse-Prevention placements, if you would like to learn more about this support, click here.

Aims of the service

The hostel supports men and women aged 18+ with moderate to severe mental health problems or personality disorders.

Clients are actively involved in the running of the house and in their support and care. Living at the hostel is an opportunity for people to develop relationships, practice social skills and acknowledge their personal responsibility. Residents will be involved in cooking, cleaning, shopping and attending house meetings. Alongside developing living skills we provide recovery-focused rehabilitation through clinical and emotional support.

Residents are allocated a key worker upon admission to the service and have regular one to one sessions with their keyworker. We also place an importance on team approach and residents will  receive support from other workers.

We utilise a person centred approach and work collaboratively with residents to help them identify their goals. We use support plans and outcome star tools to support residents to achieve their goals and review their recovery journey. We support residents to take part in the running of the hostel to provide opportunity to develop confidence and skills needed to live more independently.

The team is made up of seven Mental Health Support Workers & two members of the management team.

Alexander House is different in that we are 24 hour service and have the benefit of being able to offer lots of support to residents and respond quickly to changes in residents needs.

The therapeutic community and emphasis on residents personal responsibility offers residents opportunity to develop many skills and test things out in a safe environment.

The hostel is open 24 hours a day with one worker on sleep in duty overnight. However enquiries are best made between the hours of 9-5 Monday to Friday.


To make a referral please contact Accommodation Gateway. 

More information

To find out more about what life is like in our hostels take a look at the video below