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PD, Tea and Me

A new peer support and social group for people who live with PD (Personality Disorders) and live in York is launching this month.

‘PD Tea and Me’ launches on June 30th with the first meeting planned for 3rd July. Please come along if you have PD yourself, are affected by PD or involved in supporting a person with PD.

For around 2 years, Claire from York, has wanted to set up an informal group to support people living with Personality Disorders or PD.  Claire’s concept is peers sharing tea and cake with each other in a non-clinical setting and being inspired by invited speakers who themselves have first-hand experience or knowledge of PD and have successful and fulfilling lives. Claire also wanted the group to be a place where peers could support each other through the tougher times, knowing that they’d receive understanding and encouragement.

Claire was successful in receiving a small amount of funding from the Community Links Bright Ideas Fund to assist with the launch and set up of the new group.

The monthly Tea Parties, called, ‘PD, Tea and Me’ will be open to people with PD and will begin with a launch meeting on Saturday 30th June from 4:30pm – 6:30pm at Chill Café, Chill in the Community, 5A Acomb Court, Front Street, York, YO24 3JB.

The regular meetings will be on an early evening on the first Tuesday of the month, and meet at Chill Café beginning on Tuesday 3rd July from 6:30-8pm.

To attend the launch or the regular meetings, or for more information please contact, pdteaandme@gmail.com