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Anti Stigma Kirklees

ASK is the new anti-stigma campaign for Kirklees

We are working to:

Challenge Stigma and Discrimination

Stigma and discrimination still affect people with mental health issues! We are determined to make a difference in how the public responds to those with mental health needs and improve how people who have experienced mental health issues feel about themselves.

Raise awareness and normalise talking about Mental Health

Our project is aimed at helping communities in Kirklees to normalise talking about our mental health and making this a conversation free from fear and stigma.

We hope to embed this openness to discussion in communities by co-producing approaches that work for and are appropriate to the needs of every community in Kirklees.

Signpost and partner with other services

We work in partnership with other services and organisations wherever possible to ensure we reach as many people as possible and to help others to spread the anti-stigma message.

We also act as a link to other services and groups where people feel they may need further support or want to get involved in helping others.

Support suicide awareness and prevention

Suicide and self-harm affects everyone. We are working with Public Health to help provide awareness of these issues within communities and to signpost to support services for people who are struggling with these feelings.

Promote Lived Experience Leadership

We recognise that our Community Champions are providing Lived Experience Leadership and want to promote this as an asset for the volunteer work force.

What do we mean by ‘lived experience leader’? Someone who uses their first-hand experience of a social issue to create positive change for communities and people who share those experiences (and works with them to do that). Leaders with Lived Experience Programme 2020

Recruit Community Champions

Our Community Champions help us promote our message in the areas we work in. They help us to challenge stigma and raise awareness, run events, develop campaigns, contribute to our social media, and help plan our work.

If you are interested in joining us in the work we do you can sign up here.