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Jubilee Celebrations at Young Dementia Leeds

Young Dementia Leeds shares their cheap and easy version of the winning Jubilee trifle

The official Queen’s Platinum Jubilee pudding has been announced as a lemon and Swiss roll amaretti trifle.

The dessert was inspired by the lemon posset served at Her Majesty’s 1947 wedding to Prince Philip and was made by amateur baker who beat 5,000 people in a competition.

The official trifle has an ingredients list of a whopping 20 items and a complex recipe, so the team at Young Dementia Leeds, who want baking to be something that is accessible to everyone, have devised a simplified recipe of the winning dessert. YDL’s version has incorporates some clever short cuts and is made with ingredients you can find in your local supermarket for a significant amount less than the price of the official ingredients list.

The community-based service recently held an event for Dementia Action Week focused on food and the pleasure it can bring people, along with other benefits such as the social element of cooking and how it helps to maintain cognitive skills. They hope that their clients and carers will enjoy making (and eating!) this simplified recipe to celebrate the Queen’s Jubilee.

The Jubilee Trifle serves 20 people and costs a total of £27 – just £1.35 each. Perfect for a big family gathering or street party!

Check out Young Dementia Leeds’ recipe and step by step guide on how to make it below.


For the Base – 1st Layer

2 Lemon Swiss Rolls. Shop bought (if you can’t find them use Apricot Swiss Rolls and spread the slices with lemon curd.

1 Orange Flavored Jelly

1 Lemon Flavored Jelly.

2nd Layer

2 Large Cartons of readymade Custard, thickened with 2 TBLS custard powder and 2 TBLS sugar.

3rd Layer

2 Packs of Soft Amaretti Biscuits (Sainsburys)

4th Layer

4X Tins Mandarin Oranges around 300g each.

2 OZ Caster Sugar.

½ OZ Arrowroot (2 Sachets).

½ Lemon (juice only)

5th Layer

600g Double Cream.

200g White Chocolate broken into pieces.

1 ¾ oz Mixed Peel

1TBLS Caster Sugar


1.Slice the Swiss Rolls and arrange them in your dish.

2.Make up the Jelly and Pour over the slices, leave to set, may take 3 hours suggest you make day before.

3.Heat your Custard in a pan. Add the custard powder and sugar mixed with a little milk. Add this to the custard mix. Bring to the boil and simmer for a few mins to encourage thickening. Leave to cool.

  1. Drain 4 tins of Mandarins, add 2 tins into a pan along with the sugar and lemon juice and arrowroot. Heat until the mixture has gone very soft. Take off the heat and add the 2 other tins. Leave to cool.
  2. Melt the chocolate in a bowl over a pan of simmering water, pour into a lined tin and add the mixed peel, if the mixed peel is sticky, then sprinkle with the caster sugar first. Leave the chocolate to set, I put it in the fridge for an hour.
  3. Whip the cream to a soft consistency.

Nearly There! Now to Assemble.

Spread the custard over the set jelly.

Add 1 Packet of crushed Amaretti Biscuits, on top of the custard.

Pour over the cooled Mandarin Coulis.

Whip the Double cream. Spread this over the coulis.

Crumble the 2nd packet of Amaretti Biscuits over the cream.

Break the set chocolate into shards and arrange on the top.

Enjoy your Jubilee Trifle!

For more information about Young Dementia Leeds, visit their webpage or email: YoungDementia@commlinks.co.uk