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Apprenticeships in practice

Why I chose an Apprenticeship by Abbie Lee

Finishing school at 16 and trying to decide what career path I wanted to go down was a daunting decision. I did some searching for apprenticeships online and applied for a CIPD apprenticeship with Community Links. This gave me the opportunity from the first stages of the interview to gain the new skills I would need for leaving college and starting employment and a career in Human Resources.

Completing an apprenticeship with Community Links has allowed me to feel like an employee. I have been able to gain the feeling of having my own responsibilities and managing my own work load.

I have found an apprenticeship with Community Links is not only about working towards a qualification, you gain so much more. I have found my apprenticeship has given me a big step up onto my career ladder by showing me an insight into a working organisation, I have not only gained knowledge about my chosen sector of the business but I have been able to identify the qualities and skills required for working life and I have been able to develop these throughout the past 18 months.

I’m currently working towards my Level 5 qualification. My apprenticeship has allowed me to feel so much more confident about stepping out onto my career ladder. An apprenticeship allows you to get ready for the real working world.

My experience of an Apprenticeship by Emma Hunter

After leaving College I was unsure what path to take. I knew I wanted to work with people and learn about the business environment, I also have an interest in Mental Health and Mental Health Practice. After looking online, I found Community Links.

I took the opportunity to apply for Business Apprentice role and I have now been employed by Community Links as a Business Administration Apprentice since June 2016.

I completed my Level 2 Qualification in 2017 and I have recently started on my Level 3 qualification.

I work within Community Links Engagement & Recovery (CLEAR) which is a service within Community Links, my role includes inputting large quantities of information, dealing with enquires as well as other administration duties. My role here is interesting and varied which means that I am constantly learning new things and adapting to new things – which I enjoy!

While working at Community Links I have been able to shadow other services across the organisation and expand my knowledge further of services in the local area. I am also provided with regular training which helps me in the environment in which I work.

I feel since starting my journey here, that I have developed both personally and professionally, gaining a lot of experience. Studying alongside employment has been challenging at times but my supervisor is supportive and I am part of a lovely team.

I would recommend an apprenticeship to others who are passionate about learning new skills and gaining a creditable qualification.

For more information about Apprenticeships visit https://www.gov.uk/government/topical-events/national-apprenticeship-week-2018-naw-2018