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Community Links Engagement and Recovery Service (CLEAR)

Community Links Engagement and Recovery Service (CLEAR)

CLEAR Huddersfield
32-34 Lion Chambers
John William Street


01484 519097


About the service

Community Links Engagement and Recovery (CLEAR) offers dynamic, creative and inspiring groups and courses to support you with your mental health and wellbeing. We collaborate with you to develop a personalised plan tracking your journey and helping you reach your goals over two years.

Your journey with CLEAR may involve learning anger management skills, building confidence, exploring your talents in our art group, making new connections, or sharing your unique skills with peers.

Our experienced and skilled team members bring their own individual strengths and passions to enrich the service, ensuring you receive personalised support tailored to your needs.

Meet The Team

Meet our friendly CLEAR colleagues here.

Groups and Courses

We offer an exciting range of groups and activities throughout the week and on weekends in service at Huddersfield, alongside regular groups at locations across North Kirklees. We also run a wide range of courses and workshops throughout the year on a number of wellbeing related topics.

Visit our CLEAR groups page for more detailed information.

At CLEAR, you are encouraged to share your unique skills and experiences, fostering a safe and inclusive environment where everyone can learn from one another and feel valued for their contributions. This collaborative approach promotes empowerment as you acquire new skills and strategies to help effectively manage emotions and navigate life’s challenges.

Our supportive community nurtures a sense of connection and belonging while alleviating feelings of isolation, thereby promoting overall wellness.

Engaging in group discussions, activities, or attending courses provides you with opportunities for self-reflection and personal growth, leading to increased self-awareness and resilience.

You can explore and develop a variety of skills, ranging from emotional regulation to interpersonal communication, enhancing overall well-being.

Our groups are thoughtfully designed and there’s ample opportunity to get involved through our quarterly Client Ideas Meetings, which are dedicated to planning our timetable, as well as our quarterly Client Focus Group which allows you to feedback into the service on a variety of matters.


We accept referrals from other professionals, or via self-referrals.

To be eligible for wellbeing support from Clear you must be:

  • Aged 18+
  • Living in Kirklees
  • Registered with a GP

We offer Anger courses and other Mental Health courses and groups.

  • If you are applying for Anger Course only, following the referral being received we will invite you to an Anger Assessment within ten working days.
  • If you are applying to access all Groups/ Mental Health & Wellbeing support, we will invite you to a Welcome Session to inform you about the wider service within ten working days. This will be followed by an invite to an Initial Assessment appointment before accessing the service.
  • If you require more information around which referral type best suits your needs, please contact us to discuss.

If you require any support in completing the form or require more information, please do reach out and contact us.

We operate 7 days a week, including evenings and weekends:

Monday – Friday 9am – 8pm
Saturday and Sunday – 10am – 5pm

Download a CLEAR referral form and email to clear.huddersfield@commlinks.co.uk or telephone 01484 519097.

Men’s Talk and Men’s Talk Digital:

For more information about these initiatives, please visit our dedicated page: Men’s Talk. 

Community Engagement and Outreach

We deliver outreach groups and courses in various locations, alongside hosting and attending community engagement events to better understand and respond to the needs of people in our area.

Through these activities, we aim to support and engage with people within our community, addressing diverse needs, and challenging stigma surrounding mental health and wellbeing.

To get in touch with us about delivering outreach or attending an event in your area or for more information, please contact the Management Team at Clear Service via email clear.huddersfield@commlinks.co.uk to discuss.

The CLEAR service is funded by Kirklees Council, North Kirklees CCG and Greater Huddersfield CCG.

Partnership Working

See here or watch the video below to find out what’s available from CLEAR and partner organisations in Kirklees.


What we’ve been up to

To celebrate World Mental Health Day 2021, the Working Together Better partnership services in Kirklees came together to host a community lantern parade.

The CLEAR service is funded by Kirklees Council, North Kirklees CCG and Greater Huddersfield CCG.

CLEAR holds the Kirklees Volunteering Quality Award along with many other kite marks and awards.

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